• FortSEO Dashboard - All in one SEO and Keyword Monitoring Tools

    Every website/business owner know how important is SEO and Keyword monitoring. You want to know where your website is ranking, you need to know your keyword positions, your indexed pages, your PageRank, etc… Monitoring the performance of your SEO Campaigns is vital for the success of every website. However checking these stats could be time-consuming, keeping track of everything – even harder. That’s why we created FortSEO Dashboard!

    FortSEO Dashboard is complex all-in-one SEO Platform for automated SEO management. It includes huge bundle of SEO and Keyword monitoring tools so you can automate and manage your SEO and Keywords Monitoring efforts in the most effective manner. Our system is completely automated, so you save hours of time every day. Once you setup your account, your websites and your keywords – and you are done. We update all of the SEO data you need on daily basis. You just need to login in your account and check your stats for 5 minutes.

    Most important – we keep track of every result, so you could check your SEO Stats history at anytime. In addition our tool will help you to analyze the ranking changes after every change you make on your website. If you don’t want to cluster your history with some of the stats (for example – rankings for competitors) – we have also “quick checker” on every tool!

    Even more – besides our SEO Monitoring system we build even more tools to help you optimizing your website – starting with Auto Directory Submission with 2000+ directories, finishing with our Auto Blog Commenter! And we add new tools regularly, so a lot more is coming…

    And last but not least – you could track your competitors with ease, as they are your own websites!

  • Below you’ll find list with every SEO Tool integrated in our Dashboard, together with short description. We will add new tools in the future, so more is coming!

    Keyword Rankings Checker

    So far this is our best tools (according to all feedbacks). With this tool you can check your rankings for any keyword in Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s fully automated – once you create the list with your keywords we check them every day. You just monitor and analyze! This tool comes with detailed Graph and Rich Snippet reports, so you can track easier your keyword ranking history. There is no limit of the keywords you track, also there is no limit of the websites you monitor. We are sure you’ll love it!

    Upcoming update: Keyword Ranking Position in Yandex and Baidy!

    Website Rank Checker

    This tool checks your Google PageRank and Alexa Rank everyday and keeps the history forever. Don’t miss PR Update anymore!

    Saturation Tool

    This tool checks your indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Fully automated, with daily updates! We’ll keep track for any difference in your indexed pages, so you’ll always know when the Search Engines add or drop your pages from their index.

    Backlinks Checker

    Even in post-Penguin times backlinks are vital part of every SEO Campaign. We check your backlinks using several different sources, so you’ll always when new backlinks are indexed. Of course – it’s fully automated, updated daily and keeps history. This tool comes in 2 versions – Basic and Advanced. The Basic Backlink Checker shows the count of your links, while the Advanced Backlink Checker gives you detailed report for your backlinks – PR, follow/nofollow status, anchor texts, link quality, outbound links count)

    Upcoming update: Integrated Open Site Explorer API for more results Soon: Integrated Majestic SEO API for more results

    FortSEO Site Auditor

    This powerful tool gives you the option to make complete audit on your website. It crawl every page on your website and gives you detailed report for every page including Page Quality Score, Google PageRank, inbound backlinks,  outbound links, indexed status, broken links report, Duplicate Titles and Duplicate Description issues. It comes with 5 types of custom reports, so you could manage and analyze your website with ease! If you have private pages not connected with your website you could add them also. As a bonus we included Sitemap Generator with several export options (XML, TXT and HTML).

    Automatic Directory Submission Tool

    A lot of people loves directories. If you are one of them you know how much time could be lost while submitting in directories. Even the automated tools on the web require a lot of time for categories search. That’s why we included this tool – for every directory maniac! Automated Directory submission… in more than 2000 directories! This great tools comes with bunch of extras. After you setup your initial “directory account” (2-3 minutes) you are ready to go. There is option for Title/Description spinning, you just write several versions and our tool submits them randomly. You could filter the directories by PR or by Captcha requirement. The category searching is automated, after you include several keywords our tool find the most relevant one and use it as category. Of course you could always choos another category manually. In addition to all that we built Status Checker, which crawl in all of directories you submitted and checks if your link is there! What can we say more… Enjoy!

    Upcoming Update: 700 directories will be added!

    Client reports

    If you are working in marketing/seo company or you are freelancer, you’ll be asked for reports. And you know they are time consuming. That’s why we added this tool for you! Create detailed SEO Reports for your client in PDF format, including overall SEO Performance and Keyword Performance! Integrate with your Google Analytics for even more detailed SEO Reports!

    Upcoming update: Spanish and French Reports Soon: Piwik Integration

    FortSEO Blog Commenter

    Great tool if yopu want to build some extra backlinks. Integrated with Google Search, just type the keyword you need and this tool will find hundreds of blogs related to that topic. After that you are one click always from submitting your comments in every blog article found by the tool. You can write initially up to 10 comments; our tool will use them for random submission. If you are not a fan of the automated blog commenting you still could use this tool for some harvesting and later use them for manual comments.

    Social Bookmarker

    You know how time consuming is submitting your website to the social networks. Most of the webmasters choose 4-5 social websites and submit their links there, because the management of more is hard task. This is where our Social Bookmarker comes in play! Submit your new article/page in more than 100 social networks for just a few minutes! Boost your traffic and authority with just a few clicks!

    Meta Tag Generator

    For the beginners – this tool will help you to build your Meta Tags. They are still important part of every website!