The Panda and the Penguin: Kicking Spam and Taking Names

The world of SEO has been subject to somewhat of a rollercoaster ride in recent years, as the masterminds over at Google have taken dramatic steps to crack down on various forms of “spamdexing” that were widely popular in SEO circles prior to 2011.

Since that year, when Google’s Panda updates were unveiled in an attempt to favor “high-quality” sites over “low-quality” sites in search rankings, companies and individuals …

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Nexus 4 Giveaway

It’s time for new Giveaway from FortSEO. This time we choose Google Nexus 4 as reward. Why? It’s simple – we are all about SEO, and in my opinion – if you are SEO and you work with your phone – Google Nexus is your “Must have”! With Nexus it’s easier to implement all your accounts – Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdWords, AdSense, Google Docs… Monitoring your SEO is …

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Negative SEO – It’s real… and it’s easy!

Ok, before I start I want to make a confession – I’m pissed off! And that’s why I start this post. Because it turns out you could destroy a website for several hours!

Maybe it’s not Negative SEO  in the official term, but still…

But let’s start from the very beginning… this blog is relatively new, we are still young and we don’t have so many visits (we are growing, …

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10 reasons to start a blog

You still don’t have a blog? Why? Adding a blog to your website can be very easy and effective way to improve your SEO. And you or/and your company surely need one! Studies have proved dozens of times that the blog is important, it gives you huge advantage over competitors without one, and… well, just the blog always do its job. Even more than that – the blog could …

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Google search queries translated

Did you ever took a look in the Google search URL’s? Did you wonder what is the meaning of all parameters they use? Well, if you did – now it’s time to learn about their meaning.
The thing is – they could be really useful if you know their idea. Both for the regular user and the marketers/SEOs. If you dig deeper into these parameters you could use them …

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Google Update History: Interactive Timeline

Why you need to know the history of the Google algorithm updates? Well… first – it’s great trivia! Especially for SEOs and Webmasters! Second – it’s kinda fun (well, not for everybody, but for people like me – Google-crazy – it’s really fun). The third one is the most important tough – if you started SEO on new website you probably want to know what’s it’s history… and i …

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FortSEO Giveaway: FREE daily keyword monitoring

We love to give stuff for free. And we love keyword monitoring. Especially if it’s on daily basis! Especially if it’s fully automated!

And here it is – our first SEO Giveaway – 1 year FREE access to our premium dashboard. One lucky winner will enjoy the automated daily Keyword monitoring with FortSEO. And he/she will love it!

But the keyword monitoring is not the only tool you’ll find …

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What to do when your brain is blocked out

Once in a while everybody run out of ideas. That’s what we call brain block out. You have no ideas, no creative thinking, nothing. Your brain is just… empty. I am sure you all know that feeling. It happens to everybody. It happened to me (that’s why this is my first article for a month), it happens even to the best (yes, even Matt Cuts had a 3 months …

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Case Study – The truth about PDFs and link building

There are tons of discussions on the web about the PDF files and SEO. I had read opinions by dozens of SEO’s about making link buildings with PDF files, mainly regarding the Page Rank. Some say’s it’s working, some – the opposite. Well, with all due respect – everything on this topic is just talk. Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions… So i decided to conduct one experiment and to find out …

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On-page SEO – Headings

Heading tags are still important part of the on-site SEO nowadays. They have double purpose – the first one is to highlight different sections from the website content, so it’s user friendly for the visitors. The other one is to highlight the most important keywords/phrases in the eyes of Google. Even tough there are various opinions about the role of the headings in the modern SEO (mostly against the …

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SEO guide for Developers – GEO Targeting

If the website’s target audience is country-oriented it will be good to use GEO targeting to achieve better results in the local Google results. There are several tips you could use to implement easy GEO targeting, which sometimes are hard to impossible for implementation at a later point.


The easiest way for GEO targeting is to implement structure that holds different country-dependent pages in different folders. Let’s …

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SEO Guide for Developers – Header Meta Tags

The first part of our SEO Guide for developers is about meta tags. There is a lot of talk about the meta tags and their usage. Whatever you heard/read about this – forget it. There are tons of articles how they have no impact or they are important, a lot of old articles talking about things that are virtually dead. I’ll cite Matt Cutts – don’t spend too much …

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SEO Guide for Developers

One of the first steps for SEO is the on-site optimization. However a lot of developers/website owners start their websites with the idea to do this at later point, or even worst – without the thought of SEO at all. That’s why I’ll start the blog with this guide in a “SEO for Developers” series. Read and use these tips when you design your website, some of these tips …

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