10 reasons to start a blog

You still don’t have a blog? Why? Adding a blog to your website can be very easy and effective way to improve your SEO. And you or/and your company surely need one! Studies have proved dozens of times that the blog is important, it gives you huge advantage over competitors without one, and… well, just the blog always do its job. Even more than that – the blog could save your website from oblivion.

Still – if you wonder why you should finally do it – here are 10 great reasons

1. Show your knowledge about your stuff

This is true for every single niche! Whatever your customers are, in every industry, they’ll feel way more confident to use your products/services if they see you know what you are doing. And the best way to show that is a blog? If they can’t find some articles written by you/your staff, which shows your expertise on the niche, they’ll find another one to do the job… because your competitor will have a blog.

2. Gain some extra traffic

Even in the tightest niche you can get some extra traffic with a blog. If you are blogging regularly eventually you’ll get some extra Google positions on some long-tails. They’ll lead to some extra traffic. And if you write well – you’ll get some social media sharing… which will lead to some extra traffic too. You may gain some links to your articles too! Yep, another dose of extra traffic (not to mention the SEO benefits).

3. Improve your SEO

The blog is a great way to get more rankings in Google (and every other search engine, of course). The thing is – you can’t rank well for 25 different keywords with one page. Google wants specific page for specific search term. Having more posts increase your chance to rank for more keywords… a lot. It’s easier, too.

4. Improve your backlinks profile

If you want to get as many natural links as you can you really need a blog. Other bloggers/website owners don’t tend to link to homepages (unless it’s really specific). However having a lot of articles with great content will help you gain some extra links for them. Of course – you need to have great interesting content for that.
And there is the other side – if you know some links relevant to your posts – well – use them. Don’t close your website for outbound links! It’s not helpful for your readers, if this link will give them additional info about your topic. And the linked website owner could return the favor.

5. Social media

Do you want more social media reach? Well, how to do it without enough interesting content that you provide regularly? Well, sure, you could get some shares/likes/tweets/+1’s for your homepage and some of your internal pages. But admit it – isn’t it better if people share your content on regular basis? People loves to share interesting and new articles and if you become one of their regular sharing recourses – there is nothing better.
If you blog well enough and if you blog regularly – you’ll build great amount of social media links, which nowadays will improve your SEO a lot. And don’t forget the potential extra traffic!
One more great thing about regular blog posting – you’ll always have something to share on your social media accounts!

6. Enrich your results with some Mojo

Google Author Rich snippet

Ok, it’s not exactly Mojo… it’s more about the Google Author photo. The effect is the same! Have you seen results with photos? It’s a Rich Snippet, and more specifically – Author Rich Snippet. How to do it? Just link your blog author with your Google plus profile and you are done. Why to do it? Well… it’s different, it’s catchy, people loves visual and they tend to click on that result more often that the regular old plain text result.

7. Keep your visitors.

Imagine you have your website and a visitor land on it. However this visitor doesn’t convert for some reason. If he see your website and there is nothing more there – he’ll leave. If you have a blog, however, he could start reading your posts, and keeping him on your website you could win him again.

8. Avoid being forgotten

Even if you have something great and long-live to share – on social medias and e-mails it will be forgotten eventually. The huge amount of posts/tweets/mails streaming everyday will bury even the most interesting post you have.
However, on your blog, some posts are just evergreen. They will stay easily relevant and helpful weeks, months and even years after they’re published (yes, I have a client, which most-visited post is 4 years old).

9. Engage with your customers

Another great thing about blogs is that this is yet another channel to build a relationship with your customers. Comments are great source of support and engagement and you’ll show that you are serious about helping them!
Because commenting takes more time and efforts than just reading or sharing – you will know that commenters are people that really appreciate your posts. They could give you some valuable tips and feedback, ideas for improvement or something else important for your business.
Also they could help you a lot if they engage with other customers, giving them answers or tips by themselves.

10. Show you are alive

Having blog with recent articles is the first impression both for your visitors and Google that you are actually alive. Did you ever visited a website which you don’t know if it’s updated or even working? Most of the content on your main website is static content and it could be the same for years. And I saw a lot of websites which looks like alive, but it turned out they are dead for months and years. Eventually I started to leave websites which are alive, but I couldn’t understand that. And I am sure I’m not the only one!
Google also check for fresh content, and if your main website is stale for years and you don’t have a blog you could be downgraded as “not so valuable” website.
Having updated blog is a way to show your clients that you are open for business and you are there for them!

Are you convinced now?

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