What to do when your brain is blocked out

Once in a while everybody run out of ideas. That’s what we call brain block out. You have no ideas, no creative thinking, nothing. Your brain is just… empty. I am sure you all know that feeling. It happens to everybody. It happened to me (that’s why this is my first article for a month), it happens even to the best (yes, even Matt Cuts had a 3 months pause in his blog). So… what to do if you have a shortage of your ingenious ideas? One is sure –  as Douglas Adams wrote in his genius book – DON’T PANIC and carry a towel! Well, the towel is optional, just Don’t Panic!

Your brain blocked out periods are not a bad thing. Not necessary. In opposite – this period could be converted to your best time ever… if you follow our tips of course.


Yes, yes, we mention that just a few lines above. Well, still – it’s the most important point of all! As every professional SEO will tell you (especially if he is a freelancer) – our life had his rise and fall. If you have no ideas (really – no ideas at all) the easiest thing you can do is to panic. Especially if you are a freelancer and you have no job at this time. Ok, bad case scenario – especially when you HAVE client but you have no ideas. Whatever the case is – DON”T PANIC (yes, i am a huge fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)! Don’t stick to your computer wasting hours of your precious time just to come up with an idea. In opposite – get outside. Take a break. Take a walk. Get a fresh air. Think about ideas outside. You’ll find your new muse a lot more easier if you are outside, i guarantee!

Use the time for spring cleaning.

Make spring clean of your websiteYes, even if it’s not spring. Start with your workplace, no matter if you are a freelancer working at home or you have a full time job somewhere. Start with cleaning your workplace, organize yourself. Yes, this won’t help you with your new genius idea, but you’ll get your mind off the job for a while, and you’ll have one clean desk. Are you done? Now – on the next step – clean your website! Updating your website is something that you must do but you never do, because of lacking of free time. Now you have a lot of fee time. Update your portfolio, make a redesign, whatever you want. After all – you have to do this sooner or later. Don’t stop here – update your social network profiles, do some cleaning there. It will clean your head and at the same time it will save you time at later point when you are not blocked out but you have no time to do this.

Self-advertise yourself.

This is the perfect time. You are always busy with your work and your clients. I doubt you had free time for self-advertising. Well, if you are out of ideas – this is the time. Spend some time ion LinkedIn. Create new business cards. Send some e-mails to your potential clients. Don’t forget the ex-clients! If you are blocked out for a while for your clients than nothing stops you to take some time for yourself. Just popularize yourself! You won’t regret it.

Learn new skills!

learn new skillsPractice is the best way to learn, but it’s not the only way! If you are in brain block-out the practice won’t help you. Use this time to upgrade your skills. Read all Google updates for example (not the famous ones, all). You want to learn some new skill? Search for information and learn it. Spend your time in learning. You don’t want to learn some new skill? Than read more info about your. Test yourself! Test some old ideas (at least you can use them as some great case study). At least – take some online SEO course, knowledge never hurts. Really!

Start a new/finish old project.

Ok, you don’t have any idea for your current project/client. Why you don’t start a new one? Y U? I am sure you have some old ideas, waiting for years to be started. Well… start them! Worst case scenario – you’ll enrich your portfolio (after all – your clients trust you because of your portfolio). Best case scenario – you  could get some new clients/new business running/new profit channel (and enrich your portfolio).  Any case scenario – it’s great time to finish your long-delayed projects or to start a new ones. Overall it’s a fantastic way to spend your free time without wasting it.

Get in touch with some clients.

This period is great for some laziness. Don’t do it! Spend some time to research and find new potential clients. Think about new conceptions. Found some new clients. Offer ex-clients some upgrades. Offer yourself! You could get idea for your current project easily if you are working with new client at the same time!

Bottom line – if (or when, if i want to be precise) you have no ideas, no muse and your brain is blocked out – don’t give up! Don’t take this period as a bad period. Take it with open hands!

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