Google Update History: Interactive Timeline

Why you need to know the history of the Google algorithm updates? Well… first – it’s great trivia! Especially for SEOs and Webmasters! Second – it’s kinda fun (well, not for everybody, but for people like me – Google-crazy – it’s really fun). The third one is the most important tough – if you started SEO on new website you probably want to know what’s it’s history… and i doubt anyone know all Google updates (except Matt Cutts maybe).
Whatever the reason is – on some pint you’ll want to learn about the Google Algorithm Update history. And there is several great sources where you could find this info. The strange part – they are all super-boring… just info, that’s all. That’s why i decided to spend several days (exactly 10, if i must be honest) to create this interactive timeline. I spend a lot of time searching useful information about every major update Google did in the history. There are a lot of videos attached, all of them could be useful if you make more serious research. If not – well, there are also some great pictures of Kung-Fu Panda!

And don’t forget to leave some feedback, I love comments – both positive and negative!

Click here for Google Updates Timeline

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