SEO FAQ – 30+ SEO Questions you ask everybody

I know it’s kinda old, but still – there were an “SEO FAQ campaign” several years ago – a lot of SEO’s answering some of the most basic (and often misunderstood) questions about SEO. For the exact case how and why – you could check Seoptimise’s original article.

Here you could check our variation. Even tough they may sound fun at the first reading – they are actually very useful… especially if you are SEO trying to answer these exact questions to your SEO-unwise client/boss…


  1. What does SEO stand for?
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it’s used also for Search Engine Optimizator.
  2. What is SEO?
    Unfortunately for most of the people SEO is just Link Building. In reality SEO is Link Building PLUS other stuff!
  3. Is SEO spam, bullshit, dead etc.?
    Spam? It depends (see above). A lot of people still do it the “Spam Style”. Bullshit? For the developers maybe. They will learn some day… Dead? Certainly not!
  4. Why aren’t we #1 or on page 1 at Google?
    Aren’t you? Did you check every keyword in the world? Try your brand name :) I bet you are on page 1 somewhere… If you mean about your important keywords – that’s another question. Do you do SEO? Good SEO?
  5. Why am I on #1 all the time but when my wife searches for me she doesn’t find me?
    Tricky question… Maybe she is using Bing? Or Yahoo? Or maybe you are not on #1, you just think you are because you visited your website several times. If that’s the case – probably Google is showing you personalized search, just for you. Yes, Google want you to love him and it’s showing what you want to see!
  6. When will we see results?
    If you don’t have a lot of competition you could rank for weeks. On the other hand – if you mess with the biggest – it could take months. The problem is that if you jump from #283 to #19 you probably won’t see a difference in your traffic. Don’t forget – SEO is not one time job. Google is constantly changing and you should be up to date to see results!
  7. Can we rank for iPhones?
    Nope, not possible, better try Android… Just kidding! In theory you could rank for iPhones, but you should spend a lot of resources and time. Better start with some key long tails and expand your reach – one keyword at a time.
  8. Can we rank for everything (huge list of keywords)?
    Honestly? Why the heck would you need that? Are you offering everything? Focus on the keywords that matter for your website.
  9. How much does SEO cost?
    There is no easy answer to that. Better SEO – more expensive costs, just like everything in the world. Of course there are also “Buy 10000 links for just 5$” offers, but believe me, after 5$ spend like that you’ll need to pay several hundreds just to remove these 5$ links. Remember – you get what you paid for!
  10. Why is SEO so expensive? 
    Because SEO is monopoly! Kidding again. SEO is expensive because it’s a hard and continuous work, because in our free time we (SEOs) keep reading and learning. Because we need to run just to stand on one place. And because SEO is the thing that bring any website a profit.
  11. How long does it take to get indexed by Google? 
    Several days, in some cases – several hours (yeah, just run it trough our Instant Indexer). If you don’t do any SEO it could take you forever.
  12. How to submit my new site to Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.?
    It’s not necessary to do it, all search engines will find your website. Well, at least if you have some links to it, or ping it… Anyhow – you could speed the process if you submit a sitemap in Google, you could speed up the process even more if you use some Search Engine Submitter.
  13. How do I submit to 1000 search engines?
    Wait, what? Really? Y U ask this? Next question please!
  14. Do I need an XML sitemap? 
    Do you need it? Not necessarily. Do you want it? Probably yes. This is one of the cases when more is better. It won’t hurt you.
  15. Do I need meta tags for SEO? Some says Yes, some – No. To get a better perspective check my article “Header Meta tags“.
  16. Do I need a high PageRank for SEO?
    Actually the PageRank comes with SEO, not the opposite. So… the correct question is – “Do I need SEO for high PageRank?”, and the answer is – Yes.
  17. What is linkbait?
    Linkbait is some great content created to be so awesome, that nobody could resist to share it, link to it, talk about it.
  18. Can’t my niece who is a graphic designer do the SEO?
    Can’t a ballerina win a fight in the WWE? Well, ok, bad example, actually she has a chance to do it. Your niece can’t!
  19. Can’t my nephew who is a web developer do the SEO? 
    Here you may have some better chance. The problem is – most web developers know just the basics of the technical SEO.
  20. Can my son-in-law who is a Perl, Java and C programmer do my SEO?
    What’s the deal with this family stuff? Stop thinking who could do the job for free and leave the SEO to the professionals. Saving from SEO is the worst thing you could do to your website.
  21. Why should I outsource my SEO?
    Actually you don’t. You just need an in-house SEO Team. Don’t forget – SEO is full-time job, not just a thing you do once. If you can’t afford in-house team – than you have your answer to that question.
  22. Can’t I just use WordPress plus plugins for SEO? 
    Yeah, sure, you can. Just don’t expect to outrank websites that don’t limit their SEO to WordPress plus plugins.
  23. Does Google hate SEO? 
    Google hate bad SEO. Google like good SEO. Google love great SEO. Nuff’ said.
  24. Does SEO mean optimization for search engines spiders not humans?
    That’s the bad SEO i was talking about in the previous question.
  25. Is buying links, hidden text, IP delivery etc. black hat SEO? 
    In theory – yes. However sometime there are actual legit uses for some of these techniques.
  26. Is black hat SEO legal?
    Of course no! If you do Black Hat you could go behind the bars for a very long time! Ok, not so long… well, you won’t go to prison. But you should!
  27. Does site size matter? 
    Any woman would say “No”. But every woman would think “Yes!”. Oh, i didn’t saw “site” in the question… Well, there were times when size mattered. Now the quality is more important.
  28. Do domain extensions (top level domains like .com, matter?
    Yes, they matter, especially if they are country level domains (ccTLD) – in this case they give you some extra weight for local rankings (both if your website is having ccTLD or you have some links from such domain). Also they “geo-target” your website automatically.
  29. Do nofollow links count?
    Link is a link, and almost everybody would tell you that. Nofollow links may not pass link juice, but they are also links.
  30. Do you offer PageRank optimization, search engine submission, meta tag optimization? 
    These are just part of one overall SEO campaign (well, some of them at least). If you are optimizing some meta tags and you submit your website in some Search Engines – don’t expect something to happen!
  31. Is blog commenting for SEO spam?
    Depends… Blog commenting from “Cheap iPhones” telling you “Hey, I just found you, And this is crazy, But here’s my comment, So leave it, maybe?” is definitely spam (actually if a spammer is so creative i could leave the comment). Blog comments could be powerfull source of traffic, if you actually take part of the discussion. Don’t think for blog comments like links, think for them like content (these who know will know).
  32. I have a question or answer that is not on this FAQ what can I do?
    Just scroll down a little… You’ll see our comment section. If you don’t want to be public – use the little orange box on the right or our “contact us” page.
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