SEO Guide for Developers

One of the first steps for SEO is the on-site optimization. However a lot of developers/website owners start their websites with the idea to do this at later point, or even worst – without the thought of SEO at all. That’s why I’ll start the blog with this guide in a “SEO for Developers” series. Read and use these tips when you design your website, some of these tips are harder or even impossible to be included at later point.
SEO is always changing, so in this guide are highlighted and included the most recent techniques in the world of Search Engine Optimization, excluding all outdated rules. I’ll try to write it in the simplest language possible, so if you have no idea of SEO you’ll still get it right.

We’ll talk about meta tags, headings and content optimization, GEO targeting, rich snippets, speed, mobile optimization, 404′s, even social networks and Analytics – basically everything you need to know to build your website SEO friendly. Some of these are important, some had almost no-impact, but still – why not do it right?
No small talk, only the real deal! Also we’ll include several case studies related to this guides. As SEO specialist myself i know how many information about this is available on the net, but you never know if it’s just talk and theories, or it’s verified somehow. That’s why i love to write all my articles based on real data, not on suggestions. Even tough in this “SEO guide for Developers” series you’ll find some tips usually rejected by dozens of SEO blogs (like the headings role in the on-site search engine optimization) – I’ll backup this guide with one great Case Study. Enjoy the reading!

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