Company Rich Snippet Generator

Here it comes – the first of our Rich Snippet Generators collection. If you want to get the maximum of your page and to improve your local listings use our Company/Organization Rich Snippet Generator. It’s a great tool for every website. Using Microdata on your website you provide the search engines with clear structured data about your organization. Google read the information from the Organization Rich Snippet (or Company Rich Snippet) and use it to easily understand location information about the business related with your website.
If you want to add more value to your pages – use our Rich Snippet Microdata Generator for Companies/Organizations:

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.
Copy the generated code and paste it on every page of your website.

How Company Rich Snippets works

Each company and organization have a number of different properties that describe it (like Address, Company name, etc.). Using Structured data (also known as Microdata, Microformat and Rich Snippet) is a way to annotate these elements in the eye of Google and the other search engines. For example – you have review for your company (or even simple contact page), on the page you include the name and address of your company. Your users could understand that information,  but for Google it’s just some text.

With Structured Markup (like Microdata, Microformats or RDFa) you have the opportunity to mark each piece of text giving it label understandable by the Search Engines. These rich snippets doesn’t affect the appearance of your page, but they give important structured and understandable information for Google! Because of the complicity of the structured data (you need to have more than average coding knowledge to create them by yourself) we created our Company Rich Snippet Generator, thus giving an easy option for every website owner to use the power of the structured data.

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