Frequeintly Asked Questions

FortSEO Dashboard

There is no registration page in the FortSEO panel, only login page. To register and start using our panel go to our SignUp page and register to get access to all of our SEO tools!
There could be 2 reasons for this. Either you didn’t registered at all or your registration is not confirmed yet. We will send you e-mail when we approve your account, usually up to 24 hours after registration.
You have no limitation in the websites you can use with our dashboard.


Yes, except our FortSEO panel we have several Free SEO tools, ready for use directly. But if you take a look at our website you already know that 😉
Well, you know, good mixture of WhiteHat SEO and some safe BlackHat SEO is always better than pure WhiteHat. Our tools, hwever, are pure WhiteHat (of course if we accept that automated SEO tools are not BlackHat, in which we believe!), because we are strongly against these methods!
We have discounts for more of our services. More you buy – less you pay. Also we have special discounts for freelancers, as we know how hard is to be without company money and you must be on your own. For more information check out our SignUp page.
Except the auydits we also offer dozens of Free SEO Tools as well as paid automated rank tracking dashboard. Also we have a lot of free SEO tips, so you can browse our blog, you will find a lot of SEO stuff.
Yes, we offer reselling for most of our scripts, we also offer free installation in your servers. For more detailed information you can get in touch with us.
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