Product/Offer Rich Snippet Generator

The only Product/Offer Rich Snippet Generator in the web! Create structured data for your products with this Rich Snippet Generator and add it to your product pages. This will improve your product listings, adding it automatically in Google Products. Help Google (and other search engines) to understand your product information by adding the structured data created with our Product/Offer Rich Snippet Generator:

Http iframes are not shown in https pages in many major browsers. Please read this post for details.
Copy the generated code and paste it on the relevant product page in your website.

How Product/Offer Rich Snippets work

Using Products Rich Snippets could improve seriously your rankings and conversions. Giving Google structured data information about your products help the robots to easily understand the text contained in your website. After adding Products Rich Snippets Google display additional information about your product right in the search results (for example – the price and photo of you product). This way the Product/Offer Rich Snippet helps you to attract more potential buyers while they are searching in Google. Including Product/Offer Rich Snippet data also add your product in Google Products automatically and for free. Have in mind – your Product/Offer Rich snippet must be placed in the relevant product page in the website. Writing the markup code is slow and complicated process for people without technical knowledge, that’s why we created this Product/Offer Rich Snippet Generator – just one click and your code is ready to use!

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